The Race Day Pattern Collection Released

main listing photo

The Race Day Pattern Collection has been released!

This has been such a fun project for me to work on and I’m very excited to announce it’s release.  This collection started as idea for the first shirt in the collection and I began with the intent of it being a quick and easy project but that grew into a collection of three shirt patterns.

Teaser Pic 1

Today I’m just going to give a quick overview of the collection and then over the next three days take a look at each individual pattern and my testers’ photos.

The Race Day Collection includes the On Your Mark, Get Set, and Go! Patterns, as well as the Starting Line Tee Pattern, a freebie available in my Facebook group.

main photo

There are two main features of the Race Day Collection–pockets (because every kid loves pockets), and vertical color-blocking.  Each shirt in the set has a different kind of pocket and arrangement of the color blocks.


The way that the shirts are color-blocked make them great for using up knit scraps (you know that little bit at the end of the width that’s too narrow across the stretch to really do anything with?), showing casing special fabrics, and combining colors.


The sleeve options in this set make these patterns a year-round staple.  Each pattern can be made sleeveless, short sleeved, or long sleeved, with layering options for the short and long sleeves.  And the wide range of sizes–12M up to 18 make this a pattern you’re sure to reach for again and again.


The patterns are available separately or as a bundle in my Etsy shop.



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