Pattern Hack: T-shirt Neckline on the Sugar Cookie Romper (and Free Car Applique Template)

A few people have asked if the Sugar Cookie Romper can be made without the hood.  Yes it can and here’s how!

(You can find a PDF version of this tutorial here).


You will need to cut neckline binding according to the chart below (binding measurements sized for interlock.  (To find the measurement of a neckline binding I take the measurement of the neckline times 0.8 plus the seam allowance.  You may find you need more or less, depending on the stretch of the material you are using.)

cutting chart

1. Fold the neckline binding in half with right sides together so the short edges meet. Sew with a 3/8 inch seam allowance.


2. Fold the binding in half the long way wrong sides together and place around the neckline on the right side of the fabric. Match the neckline binding seam with the notch in the back neckline. Match the center of the binding with the center of the front neckline. Stretch the binding evenly around the neckine. Sew into place with a 3/8 inch seam allowance.


3. Flip the binding up.  Press the seam allowance towards the romper and topstitch.


If this is your first time sewing on neckline binding here is a great video from Threads showing the process.



I added a car applique to the front.  (I probably should have stabilized the back, but I didn’t have any stabilizer at the time.   The edges turned out a little wobbly.)  If you’re wondering why the wheels are so big compared to the car, it’s because I had three monster-truck obsessed males giving me opinions on the size of the wheels.  You can download the template for this applique here.

car applique

Here’s a look at the un-hooded version of the Sugar Cookie Romper, just as cute and comfy as the original.




(Monster slippers were made using the Wild Thing Slippers pattern from Peekaboo Patterns.)


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